What about me?  

Well, I have been there. I have done it all – from blind dates to on-line dating.
I met my husband on-line seven years ago. Everyone says we were very lucky and when I see the disappointments my friends experience on-line over and over again, I realise just how fortunate we are! Beautiful people all of them, struggling to find the one we all dream about.

For me there is simply no other way to meet than one-on-one introductions. My passion is helping people and changing lives. New beginnings! So why not do it for my old friends and, for you, my new friends. 

I have an Honours degree of Economics and Masters degree in Marketing and Management, and worked many years in these fields until I decided to specialise in human relationships. That's why I founded my company - to help people to forget the word "lonely".

I don't believe in calculating people's compatability with fancy programs. You are person, not a folder stuffed in a cabinet or computer. I hand-pick the matches personally based on my good human knowledge and sense for personalities.

It fills me with joy helping you find the love of your life.

Sincerely yours

Boryana Nedelcheva-Herbert