1. Privacy & Confidentiality 100%. Never compromised. Ever! No pictures or profiles on a website. No meetings in an office. My integrity is my livelihood.

2. First we meet to introduce ourselves in person. If we are comfortable with each other and the process, we will discuss the Agreement. On signing it you provide a copy of your ID to ensure everyone's peace of mind and security.

3. We set a second meeting soon after that for an extensive in-depth interview to add more clarity and fine-tune your requirements. You have to reserve about couple of hours for that.

4. Now I start the exciting part of our Journey - hand-picking suitable introductions. There are no computers used for the selections.

5. Trust and love the process. Keep an open mind and enjoy meeting new people.

Chemistry is a funny thing. It is the only one aspect no one can predict in advance, even you!

6. There is more, but let's leave it for when we meet!