You are...

A MAN of distinction; elegant, erudite and good-standing. You are sincere in your search for The One.

You are busy man. Your time is valuable.

You have neither the time to waste nor the inclination to date a myriad of unsuitable women.

You would rather choose a night-in alone, engoying a single malt or a glass of fine red wine, than trying to extricate yourself from yet another bad date in a restaurant somewhere.

Quintessentially the man is a "hunter". The One and Only Introduction Agency facilitates and narrows down that hunt. Effortlessly and professionally.

The women in my data base are carefully selected via trusted personal referrals and each one is rigorously screened and interviewed face-to-face.

You are not going to date wrong people.


You are...

A WOMAN of worth; refined, well groomed, intelligent. My promise to you is simple: You will only be introduced to men I have personally vetted and trust.

The men in my data base are there because they are like-minded in their wish for a serious relationship with long-term possibilities.

The One and Only Introduction Agency was created for you. Ill-matched dates are a thing of the past.

There is a promise of finding The One. Effortlessly and professionally.


I dedicate myself to carefully matching couples through referrals by friends of friends of friends.

You and I could be new friends, so let's see where The One and Only Introduction Agency takes us.

I look forward to the Journey....